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Midway through my graphic design degree, I realized that I began to draw less and less. I found this a bit disconcerting and knew I didn’t want to lose the practice, so I decided I would start doing a drawing everyday. My motto: ‘Good or bad, one drawing a day.’ 775+ days later, I still scan a doodle and post it to my tumblr blog.

I usually will do these to wind down after work, or, every now and again, during a meeting. Sometimes I spend 30 seconds on them, others, two hours. The content of these doodles spans a variety of topics from spirituality to typography, but more often than not, I default to drawing people. I am truly awed by our ability to create emotions with just a few lines. Right now it’s just a fun discipline, but who knows where it will go!

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, Photographer

Chicago, Illinois, United States
Digital Designer at VSA Partners, Doodler, Runner, Ping Pong Enthusiast, Photographer, Cincinnatian, Kentuckian, and Believer

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