Antarctic Explorers


New Project to honor the first African American Explorers to Antarctica. The project was put together in close collaboration with retoucher, Brian York, and hair/stylist Cindy Shute. This project was a great collaboration with some amazing people. Read the full story behind the images from my blog via the link below.

A special thanks to all the following people.

Special Effects, Hair, Makeup: Cindy Shute
Wardrobe: Tatum Yancey
Photo Assistants: (1st), Kevin Panzek, (2nd), Tessa Steele
Digital Tech: Grant Hodgeon
Retoucher: Brian York
Producer: Grey House Productions / Hannah Ferhman
Production Assistant: Gonzola Guzman
Talent: Brandon McCreary, Billy Boston, Michael Watts
Talent Agencies: Agency Galatea, Real Talent Inc.

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Chicago, Illinois, United States


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