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Sometimes in life, fate arrives to give you a little push in the right direction. This was the case with photographer Freddy Fabris. Since his early days in photography, Freddy had been looking for a way to pay homage to the works of classic painters like DaVinci and Rembrandt. Then, one day, Freddy stumbled upon an old car garage. “It was filled with this richness of textures and objects that immediately started to inspire me.” Freddy knew that he had found his location, and immediately began to plan his dream shoot.

Having a background in painting certainly helped Freddy develop the look for his modern take on classic works of art. “My biggest challenge was to find a way of telling these stories, these classic situations, from a different angle. To take them totally out of context, yet maintaining the essence, the overall feeling of the original. To keep them humorous, yet craft them with a very profound sense of lighting, textures and finish,” recalled Freddy.

After completely fleshing out his vision for what he wanted to create, Freddy put his team together: Angela Finney as set/prop stylist, Agga B as wardrobe stylist, and Morgan Blau on hair and makeup. Everyone he gathered loved the idea, and was excited to be a part of the project.

With the team assembled, Freddy set about looking for models for the shoot. “Casting was a delicate issue,” Freddy said, “I wanted people who looked both timeless and renaissance-like, yet believable in their modern Midwestern mechanic roles.” After two weeks of searching, Freddy landed the perfect models through Real Talent and Planet Earth.

Due to careful, meticulous planning, the day of the shoot went off without a hitch. “Everything fell into place beautifully,” Freddy said. “The team was on point on every detail, and it was a wonderful teamwork experience.”

After the final selection, Diego Speroni brought the images to the next level through his masterful retouching work to make the pictures truly resemble the classic oil painting which inspired them.

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Chicago, Illinois, United States
Now based in Chicago, New York born and Buenos Aires raised, Freddy Fabris has been working for the Advertising Industry for the last 15 years, shooting People, Cars & Conceptual campaigns on different locations throughout the continent. From pre to post production, his involvement with every project is profound and detailed, giving each one its own character and distinctiveness.

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