ADIDAS 2014 soccer world cup, team Mexico


I was commissioned by Chiat Day to shoot the Mexican soccer team for Adidas, for their 2014 soccer world cup campaign. We had to re-create real in game situations, both for the players and the fans shots, and make them match for the layouts.

Our shooting schedule with the players was pretty tight, since they where available for less than 4 hours, so we prepared multiple set up’s at their training facilities.

On day two, we shot at the Azteca stadium, with 20 fans for the main group and 75 extras to fill in the backgrounds.

You can check some backstage images at :

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Chicago, Illinois, United States
Now based in Chicago, New York born and Buenos Aires raised, Freddy Fabris has been working for the Advertising Industry for the last 15 years, shooting People, Cars & Conceptual campaigns on different locations throughout the continent. From pre to post production, his involvement with every project is profound and detailed, giving each one its own character and distinctiveness.

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