Edward Jones TV Commercial

Retouching: Brian York - brnyrk.com - 312.772.6011

I love telling stories. This story takes place in a small town barbershop. The barber is a town fixture. He knows everyone and is loved by all. You don’t visit him just for a haircut, you visit him for the stories he tells.

Still frame taken from the film footage retouched by Brian York

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Created By:

, Photographer / Director

Utah, United States
ED has been creating things since he was born way back in the 70's. While in school he studied art and visual communications. He also spent some time studying art direction in South Beach. ED works as a collaborative team to help create new and unique images. He feels that through collaboration and teamwork the greatest ideas can be cultivated, nourished and brought to life. Specialties: Directing TV commercials and photographing national print campaigns.

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