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Birmingham, Alabama, United States
I have spent the last seven years using the camera to capture the unique personalities, distinct flavors, and subtle textures of my surroundings. My work has allowed me to photograph people and places throughout North and Central America, Europe, Africa and Asia. My particular passion is for travel, food, and lifestyle photography, and I am always open to a new creative challenge. For me, the goal of each image is to create timeless picture that speaks across cultures and geographies.

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  • Mantry – Tailgating

    Mantry – Tailgating

    Photography work by Stephen DeVries

    Great shoot for Mantry on this SuperBowl/Tailgating themed dinner. Shot in Studio 410 in Birmingham, Alabama.

  • Gatherings


    Photography work by Paul Elledge

    Team Elledge loves to grill, and this past summer we got a dream project from Weber Grill and Crew-Up Productions. The combination of a great client and a top-flight crew made the brand idea come to life. While working with

  • Branding Food Photography for Milo’s Hamburgers

    Branding Food Photography for Milo’s Hamburgers

    Photography work by Stephen DeVries

    I had an awesome opportunity to work with the Ad Agency Cayenne Creative on their re-branding project for Milo’s, a southern burger chain. The shoots went great, the crew was awesome and the client loves the images. The images are

  • Chicago Magazine: CPD Crime Numbers Cover

    Chicago Magazine: CPD Crime Numbers Cover

    Photography work by Clint Blowers

    I photographed the June 2014 cover of Chicago Magazine’s two part story investigating the Chicago Police department altering the crime statistics to make their department look good. The feet image was used in the first part of the report, May 2014 issue.

  • Oxlot 9

    Oxlot 9

    Photography work by Stephen DeVries

    Had the awesome (and delicious) opportunity to shoot for a new New Orleans restaurant, Oxlot 9. Chef Jeffrey Hansell was recently nominated as one of Food and Wine’s best new chef’s of 2014 and Oxlot 9 will be his first


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