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, Photographer

Chicago, Illinois, United States
I've been making photographs for 25 years give or take. I started shooting commercially in 2006. If you'd like to see more work, please visit

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  • Stirred


    Photography work by Colin Beckett

    Inspired by a cocktail recipe book for the 1950s, I wanted to create a series classic drinks in a bright and colorful way. Each drink is paired with a still life of an accessory that is part of making the

  • Walk-Over


    Photography work by Colin Beckett

    This is one part of a self promotion piece that I shot to the theme “Polish up for Winter.”

  • Interface Carpet – Spring 2014

    Interface Carpet – Spring 2014

    Photography work by Andy Barnes

    Here are some images from a campaign we recently shot for Interface Carpet. Big thanks to stylist Sage Reed for bringing her A game, as always. Thanks also to the good people of Ogilvy and Mather for bringing us such

  • Cocaine Chicago Magazine

    Cocaine Chicago Magazine

    Photography work by Clint Blowers

    Some outtakes from a cocaine shoot I did for Chicago Magazine. The article is about how the Sinaloa Cartel supplies most of the illegal narcotics in Chicago.


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