Discovering the work of professional visual creatives and their work should be fun and easy; and being discovered shouldn’t cost a small fortune. Neither of these are true to date and the current situation seems that every creative marketing company wants their big slice to make (insert grand claims here) happen. At the end of this you as the creative are left with perhaps only recouping the cost of the endeavor. We want to change this.

The Problem

Discovery of new talent and new work from the professional creative community is decentralized in the digital world. Social networks are primarily geared toward engagement of people who already know about you. Organic search traffic is often hard to obtain for visual creatives as it involves substantial writing. Look book websites often have a somewhat specific clientele and can range in price and ultimately are another portfolio to maintain and often falls short of generating substantial traffic back to your portfolio. Creative community websites often include a mix of all levels of talent and professional intent due to open membership; this creates difficulty for anyone seeking talent to hire to determine who is available for hire. Perhaps one of the best ways to gain exposure is being featured on creative industry news websites and frequented industry blogs but those opportunities are rare and sporadic.

The Visogler Solution

An engaging and frequently updated hub site displaying work created exclusively by the professional creative that encourages frequent visits. Giving control to the creative to submit their own work for inclusion in the feed. An overall approach that promotes discovery of new work and talent for the visitor while generating traffic directly back to the creatives website, blog, Tumblr, Behance project or other location they may be displaying and discussing their project.

Near-term Goals

Developing a base of professional visual creatives to regularly submit their work for inclusion on the site is key for Visogler’s success. With an active community of professional contributors ranging from up-and-coming to the seasoned professional creatives showcasing their latest and greatest work will develop a consistently updated source for talent discovery by agencies and others seeking to hire talented creatives as well as anyone who enjoys the work we do.

Is this for you?

If you are a professional visual creative, such as but not limited to photographer, designer, art director, CGI artist, retoucher or any genre of creativity that can be shown visually, working in an advertising or commercial capacity and would be interested in becoming a contributor please contact us and tell us more about your work along with a link to your portfolio website.

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